We make flower delivery simple, affordable & support local flowers farms.

We offer 4 different bouquets each week, our flowers are chosen according to what is seasonal, looks fresh and is generally fantastic at the Flower Market.
By ordering online and limiting choice we reduce any unnecessary waste and can afford to charge $45 per bouquet including local delivery and a
$2.00 donation to our charity Flowers For Hope.

We deliver every afternoon, Monday to Friday.

Week Of Monday 3 October - Friday 7 October

Bouquet 1

45.00 $

Bouquet 2

45.00 $

Bouquet 3

45.00 $

Bouquet 4

45.00 $

We Support Ontario & Canadian Grown Flowers

We specialize in fresh, seasonal, and unique flowers, and have a passion for Ontario and Canadian grown flowers and plants, and sustainable practices. We offer flowers and house plants for all occasions, designed with each customer's unique needs, and budget, in mind.

Floral + Design is committed to local product, and being environmentally friendly and sustainable at the consumer level. By choosing Ontario and Canadian grown products, Floral + Design is reducing the distance travelled by the flowers and plants before arriving at the shop, thus minimizing the carbon footprint of the business. It also ensures that the flowers and plants received are the freshest available, having been picked from the farm just days before arriving in the shop. We love to see the Pick Ontario label on our flowers!


Every Monday morning we email all our customers with the flower choices for that week. If you'd like to receive the weekly choice too, just sign up below...